This is a hybrid type of lodgement (somewhere between a tent and a bungalow) which has one bed for two people, one table, stools, storage containers, one lamp and one electric plug. Being able to rotate in 360 degrees (patented functionality), the cabin allows the guest to enjoy the desired landscape at any time, to optimize solar light and also to ensure a great interactivity with the user/guest.

This is a whole new eco lodging category, which is 100% national and patented (both design and utility), built by the company NeoArkétipo, Lda. within a joint venture with Cepo Verde and side by side with national companies of reference in the area of wood, woodworking, coatings, textiles and cork. After a three-year development, research and modelling phase, this is a true milestone in the history of Cepo Verde towards distinctness, originality and innovation (impossible to imitate).

Although this is a simple prototype (in the stage of thermodynamic, resistance and durability tests), it is already available for reservation, as we wish to offer our guests this new, exclusive and different option of lodgement, impossible to experience in any other campsite.

See Technical File of the Lodgement